No matter whether you are an accidental or intentional visitor, you are invited to browse my website, where you can find various examples of my artwork.

Images, graphics, collages

Are you searching for something special and unique? Looking for an image or graphics you would like to place in your home, office or public space? Here you are offered to buy my original pieces of artwork tailored to your needs. You can get paintings, images, drawings, graphics, collages and other pieces of art made exclusively for you.

Processing and display

All works are computerized and entirely adaptable. They can be printed, projected and placed in virtually any format. Printing is possible on any surface - paper, cloth, glass, plastic and other materials. You can also customize the work depending on the need of further use.

Meeting your requirements

Another advantage of finishing the work on a computer is unlimited colour, which can adapt to your interior, taste, or mood. Their variability and processing options can be seen in the video menu.

Would you like to decorate your apartment, hotel, office or perhaps illustrate a book with these paintings, graphics or collages? All you have to do is pick a theme and we can start our cooperation. I look forward to working with you!

Do not hesitate to contact me.

Miroslav Lhotka

I am sorry for translating the introductory homepage only but interpreting other texts on this website is not necessary.